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We want to go beyond traditional approaches to sustainability in fashion.

Our certification is not limited to verifying the use of sustainable materials, but comprehensively assesses each stage of the process, addressing its entire value chain.

We are committed to driving positive change in the textile industry, promoting responsible and transparent practices at every step.

We strive to empower fashion brands and designers to adopt more analytical practices and circularity in their production and design processes.

In addition, we promote conscious and sustainable consumption, where product use and disposal also play a key role.


  • 01. Sustainable materials
  • 02. Improved Production
  • 03. Responsible Design
  • 04. Product use and disposal

01. Sustainable materials

Have you ever wondered how you can know if the fashion you consume is really made with sustainable materials? At r-evolución, yes! Although it is a complex and evolving concept, our certification guarantees the use of sustainable materials according to European guidelines.

But what does this certification consist of? We analyse how the composition of the fabrics and dyes used is assessed.

In addition, we check the percentage of fibre types (natural, synthetic, recycled, etc.) in their production to assess whether they meet the minimum regulatory requirements.

Are you worried about the use of harmful chemicals? So are we! That's why we check that materials are free of toxic substances and safe for both you and the planet, according to the revised REACH regulation.

By choosing fashion brands certified with our label, you support a more responsible fashion industry and are contributing to the shift towards a more sustainable future.

As a fashion brand, we evaluate the materials you use and support you in the process of finding more sustainable materials.

Because r-evolución is much more than a quality seal, it is a way of understanding the change we need in the textile industry.


02. Improved production

Why is an external evaluation of production essential? 

On the one hand, at r-evolución we are transparent with the process, providing objectivity and credibility as we are a certification mark of the European Union. 

On the other hand, brands that opt for r-evolución work towards continuous improvement in their processes. Our evaluation allows us to know if a brand has taken measures to reduce its energy consumption and reduce greenhouse gas emissions during production processes, its water footprint or its waste management. What percentage of the resources used in the production of your company are renewable, or does it have a traceability system in the supply chain that allows us to know the origin of the materials and the production process of its suppliers, such as fabric manufacturers or garment workshops? Among many other issues. 

Even if your business model is not based on in-house production, do you know what aspects you need to take into account when selecting the most suitable suppliers to make your brand sustainable?

Discover how an evaluation of your production system allows you to achieve continuous improvement in your processes, but also to optimise resources and, in the long term, make this investment profitable by having greater control. At r-evolución, we evaluate your fashion brand globally to help you optimise production.

By choosing r-evolución, you not only get an EU certification mark, but you also become part of a movement towards a more transparent, conscious and responsible fashion. 


03. Responsible design

Responsible design is the key to purposeful fashion. Because it's not just about creating trendy, attractive and commercial garments, it's about designing timeless products, marked by quality and durability. 

But that is not all. Responsible design also focuses on circularity, promoting reuse, repair and recycling at the end of the garments' useful life. We seek to close the loop and reduce the environmental impact of fashion. 

How can you be sure that a brand complies with the eco-design principles set out by the European Union? That's where r-evolución comes in!

Our certification is your guarantee that the fashion brands that carry our label have been assessed and comply with European standards of responsible design.

By choosing r-evolución certified products, you are supporting brands committed to circularity, whether through buy-back or rental programmes, upcycling, design for durability, reuse and recycling, as well as other techniques that are emerging in the textile sector.

At r-evolución, we work hand in hand with local brands, artisans and fashion entrepreneurs to ensure that their creations are not only original, but also environmentally friendly and durable. As a designer, we fully respect your creative process, bringing new solutions to improve the quality and circularity of the product.

Join the revolution and make a difference.


04. Use and arrangement of the product

Do you think that to evaluate a garment it is enough with the materials, the production or the design? Or do you think that something more is needed?

At r-evolution, we care about sustainability at every stage of the fashion life cycle, including Product Use and Disposal! What do we mean by this? We are talking about the behaviour of the product in the hands of the consumer, as well as at the end of its useful life. 

Imagine this situation: you buy a "sustainable" garment, but what happens afterwards? How does it get into your hands? How do you care for and use that garment? What do you do when you no longer need it? These questions are key to talk about circularity and the concept of extended responsibility promoted by international standards.

In our impact assessment we analyse aspects such as visual merchandising, labelling and packaging, among others. We assess whether care and repair practices are promoted, as well as recycling or reuse options at the end of their useful life.

We include the shopping experience in the digital world. Did you know that ecommerce can have a big impact on the environment because of its logistics?

We care about encouraging responsible consumption and helping brands to implement strategies that are more coherent with their values, in line with the Sustainable Development Goals of the 2030 Agenda.

If you are a local fashion brand, a conscious designer or a more responsible consumer, join the r-evolución.

More than a certification mark endorsed by the European Union, a movement.

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