Our vision

Why not take advantage of the new EU sustainability legislation to support small and medium-sized fashion companies?


Our mission

We work side by side with fashion brands to guide them on their journey through our free impact assessment, ensuring authenticity and positive impact.


Why are we making a difference?

01. Supporting local brands

r-evolucion is here to change the rules of the game because it is specially designed for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), unlike other certification processes in the fashion industry.


02. European certification

Don't be fooled by "green" slogans! r-evolucion is an EU certification mark, based on the new regulations on sustainability in the textile and footwear industry, which guarantees its quality and commitment to international legislation.


03. Transparency and awareness

r-evolucion works globally across the entire value chain of the fashion industry, offering transparency throughout the certification process and providing consumer confidence for more conscious consumption.


Has sustainability lost its meaning?

The sheer volume of certifications and labels, sometimes not very transparent and concise, makes it difficult for consumers to make informed decisions, don't you think? We wanted to go beyond the superficial, adopting a holistic approach that encompassed the entire fashion value chain. Based on this concept, we have developed our impact assessment, a comprehensive tool to continuously evaluate and improve every aspect of fashion production and consumption.

We have been inspired by the voices of those seeking change in fashion, including local brands and designers - in short, SMEs. We know that these companies often embrace more ethical and responsible practices, but also face unique challenges on the road to third-party certification. We understand the difficulties and additional costs that can arise in meeting these requirements.

Listening to their concerns and aspirations has prompted us to design a certification that is more than a label, that becomes a movement towards fashion with purpose.



Our commitment:

01. To drive meaningful change in the textile industry by promoting responsible practices and transparent communication based on scientific evidence.
02. To challenge ourselves and our partners to find new ways of designing, producing and consuming fashion that support the health of the planet and its people.
03. Showcase circular solutions that make it easier for people to live more sustainable lifestyles.
04. Ensure that information is shared in an accessible and clear way, also for SMEs.
05. Eradicate messages that incite consumerism, impulse or compulsive consumption.
06. Emphasize new roles and broader success or aspirational concepts.
07. Focus on more inclusive marketing, celebrating positive ecological, social and cultural values in fashion.
08. Collaborate with the entire textile industry (brands, designers, suppliers and consumers) to drive this meaningful change.
09. Empower consumers to make better informed choices and actively participate in the green transition.
10. Support dialogue with leaders and policy makers to drive this meaningful change.

This manifesto is inspired by "The Sustainable Fashion Communication Playbook" of the UNEP (United Nations Environment Programme) 2023.

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