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Document updated 26/07/2023.

1. Who is responsible for the processing of your data?


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2. What data do we process about you?

2.1. Data provided by the interested party:

AGILE SELLER may collect personal data that you provide to us directly through the various forms provided. When you register as a customer or make an audit request, your personal data, as well as the transactions carried out and in progress, are stored in our information systems. You can change all data at any time in the user control panel.

Within these forms you will see that some of the fields are marked as compulsory, because without this information we cannot provide you with the requested service. This information is strictly necessary to process your request. Generally, they are: name and surname, address, telephone number, contact email. In case you request a legal invoice, the fiscal data will be required so that we can issue it.

AGILE SELLER customers provide this information on a voluntary basis when registering via the website www.r-evolució At that moment a user profile will be created for the purpose of managing the Impact Assessment and other services formulated by you as a client. The creation of these user profiles is necessary for the correct development of the relationship between AGILE SELLER and the client.

In addition, the development of our relationship generates information such as transactional data (for example, information you provide about your goals, projects or evaluations), connection and navigation data through the different web pages, history and incidents. AGILE SELLER processes this information on a statistical level in order to analyse the services it provides to its customers.

AGILE SELLER is present, through its brands, on social networks and, in addition to these, provides users with the possibility of communicating through various social media. The processing of data of people who become followers establish a link or relate to AGILE SELLER through social networks or media made available to them, shall be governed by the legal notice of our website and the terms of use, privacy policies and other regulations of access, use and the like of the social network or medium concerned. The user is aware of them and will have previously accepted them.

Finally, only if you authorise us to do so, we may process your truncated (i.e. partially encrypted) card number to remember your payment method and make it easier for you to make purchases. To ensure the security of your payment information, we will never have your full card number.

2.2. Data not knowingly provided by the data subject resulting from the application of algorithms (inferred data):

It is true that, increasingly, companies are using data that have not been provided directly by data subjects. This so-called "inferred data" is data resulting from the application of algorithms to analyse a variety of data, such as social media and purchase records in order to profile individuals, e.g. to learn about our customers' interest in certain products, the times of purchase, tastes, purchase history, promotions consumed, satisfaction surveys, information from calls to our Customer Service, browsing on AGILE SELLER websites, etc. You can obtain more information about this in the following section of the Privacy Policy which details the purposes of the treatment.

3. For what purposes and on what legal basis do we process your data?

The table below details the different purposes for which your data may be processed depending on your relationship with AGILE SELLER and its legal basis:

3.1.Manage the contracted services and bring the contractual relationship to a successful conclusion.

Your data will be processed in order to provide the requested service, which, among other activities, may involve:

(i) your registration as a customer;

(ii) management of the Impact Assessment and/or projects;

(iii) processing and responding to your questions, queries or complaints.

Failure to accept this purpose will mean that we will not be able to enter into the contract(s) to provide you with the services in which you are interested.

Legitimising basis:

Execution of the contract

Category of data:

Identifying and contact data

Transactions of goods and services

Data derived from the use of the service

3.2. Send commercial information about Products and Services of our Brands as well as Products and Services of other brands manufactured and/or marketed by AGILE SELLER.

Whenever you request it through the boxes provided on the various forms, we will send you commercial information about offers, promotions and discounts on all AGILE SELLER brands. We may also send you information about products or services whose brand is owned by third parties with whom AGILE SELLER has reached an agreement to allow their distribution or licensed production. This information will be sent by various means of contact (electronic and non-electronic): postal address, e-mail, mobile phone (SMS, RCS...), among others.

Legitimising Basis:


Category of data:

Identification and contact data

Data derived from the use of the service

3.3. Profiling

For this purpose AGILE SELLER collects and processes service analysis data (impact assessment, objectives, projects, billing amounts and/or frequency), so that this information enables AGILE SELLER to offer you products and services that may be of interest to you, and not others.

The processing of data for profiling purposes is based on the legitimate interest of AGILE SELLER. To this end, AGILE SELLER has weighed the interests and rights of data subjects, and the measures taken by the controller to meet its general obligations in terms of proportionality and transparency, and has concluded that:

1.- the impact on the fundamental rights and public freedoms of individuals is low;

2. such processing can be reasonably foreseen by the data subject who is interested in receiving personalised offers and, on the contrary, is bothered by generic advertising;

3. the processing of the data for the above purposes does not give rise to exclusion, discrimination, defamation, or situations that jeopardise the data subject's reputation and/or bargaining power.

The purpose of the analysis carried out will be to identify which products and services are most relevant to different groups of users who share common features (e.g. location) or similar shopping habits (e.g. dates on which they usually shop). You may request further information about how we have assessed our legitimate interest and your own interests by contacting us on the terms set out in section 8 of this Privacy Policy.

Legitimising Basis: Legitimate interest in order to improve the service and offer the most accurate products to our customers. You may exercise your right to object under the terms set out in section 7 of this Privacy Policy.

Category of data:

Identifying and contact data

Personal characteristics

Transactions of goods and services

Data derived from the use of the service.

3.4. Web browsing management and analysis

Management of the user's web browsing. We process the information to allow and facilitate access and navigation through our digital media. For example, to offer you the version of the website that best suits the characteristics of the device you choose to enter our website, your language, among others. Likewise, prior to your consent, we will analyse your browsing in order to adapt to your needs. You can consult our Cookies Policy here (add link to cookies policy).

Legitimising Basis:

Legitimate interest in ensuring the operation and security of management as a customer/user (technical and necessary cookies) and consent of the data subject (optional cookies).


Category of data:

Identifying and contact data.

Personal characteristics

Transactions of goods and services

Data derived from the use of the service


3.5. Complying with legal obligations.

AGILE SELLER is subject to various regulations that imply the need to process personal data in order to comply with them (e.g. tax regulations). In compliance with these obligations, AGILE SELLER may communicate your data to the competent Public Administrations or Courts, provided that the request is made through the established legal channels.

Legitimising Basis:

Legal obligation


Category of data:

Identifying and contact data

Personal characteristics

Transactions of goods and services

Data derived from the use of the service

4. How can you stop receiving commercial offers?

In all the commercial communications that we send you by electronic means, a link will be enabled - UNSUBSCRIBE or similar - that will allow you to manage your privacy and request that we do not send you any further commercial communications. Likewise, you can revoke your consent or express your opposition by any of the following means:

By sending an email to the email address
In this case, it must be sent from the same email address with which it was created by the user.

By managing your privacy options through the MY PROFILE section for those users who have registered their account on one of our websites or who are members of one of our loyalty clubs.
By postal communication addressed to AGILE SELLER C/ Tejares 27, 29011 Málaga, Spain.
As a general rule, the processing time is 48-72 hours, so it is possible that during this time you may receive a commercial communication.

5. How long do we keep your data?

If you have registered as a customer on our website, your personal data will be kept for as long as you do not request to unsubscribe, as we understand that, in the meantime, you are still interested in keeping your account regardless of the fact that your activity as a customer may be interrupted for a period of time.

6. Will we share your data with third parties?

In order to fulfil the purposes described in this Privacy Policy, it is necessary for us to communicate personal data to the following entities depending on the legitimate basis for such communication:

Based on the execution of the contract, your payment data is collected by the financial institution or the gateway that manages the collection.

In order to fulfil our legitimate interest in maintaining centralised customer management, we may disclose your information to other AGILE SELLER entities. You may request further information about how we have assessed our legitimate interest and your own interests by contacting us on the terms set out in section 8 of this Privacy Policy. You may exercise your right to object to our use of your personal information in accordance with the terms set out in section 7 of this Privacy Policy.

7. What are your rights when you provide us with your data?

Read and know your rights. If you have any doubts, please contact us:

The rights you have against AGILE SELLER in relation to the processing of your personal data are as follows: the right to access your personal data, to rectify inaccurate data, to request its deletion, to limit any processing or to oppose any use (e.g. to subsequently oppose the sending of advertising), as well as not to be subject to decisions based solely on the automated processing of your data and to submit your data.

8. Modifications and queries

AGILE SELLER reserves the right to modify its privacy policy due to a legislative or jurisprudential change or in accordance with its business criteria or practice. If the Privacy Policy is modified, we will notify you through our website or any other means of communication, in order to ensure that you are informed of the new applicable privacy terms. If you continue to use the services available via this website after we have informed you of the changes introduced in our Privacy Policy, it means that you agree to the new terms, except in relation to possible data processing purposes in which requires your consent. For any questions or clarifications regarding our privacy policy, please contact us at:

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